Charism & Mission.  

The charism of our community is that of direct evangelization: bringing the full Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, directly to all men and women at all levels of society -- the rich, the poor, the culturally deprived, the oppressed, the sick and the healthy, the young and the old throughout the world.

Our Mission and Purpose.

Our community has been brought into existence for the mission of evangelization. We have been called to be women of faith who help others to believe and to pray. The community, therefore, its given over to a two-fold service, one primary and the other secondary.

  The primary service the sisters give is simply to be women of faith living genuinely the vows of celibate chastity, obedience, simplicity of lifestyle and compassion, and being truly, deeply, persons of prayer. This basic service of living the faith and, thereby, helping others to believe is a service that can be given in any profession.

The secondary emphasis, very closely related to the first, is the mission of direct evangelization, taking the full Gospel directly to the people in order to bring them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and incorporate them into the Church, the body of Christ.

Our Goal.

The goal of our community is twofold: 1) to foster growth in holiness of life in its members through a deeper commitment to the Gospel; 2) to bring about the renewal of parish life, the evangelization of families and the society in which the community exits.

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