Who We Are.  

We were founded in 1979 in response to the Holy Father's call for the evangelization of the world. It is to this effort that we are given. Join us and live a life of faith, hope and love as together we strive, through our various professions, to bring the living Word of God to the people. Utilizing the unique gifts that belong to each of us, we are able to make a difference in society.

Our Emphasis: As an active communtity of sisters, our focus is the unique person -- to help each one in community, and those we work with in ministry, realize their full potential. We focus our energies on those in need of experiencing the life giving power of the Word of God. We do this in many different ways: through our various professions, training others in how to evangelize -- in how to share the living Word of God with others, evangelistic outreach, retreats, education, and more, not only locally but internationally as well.

  Participate in a "New Covenant Retreat" to experience who we are, our spirituality, our passion for mission -- bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to every one we meet. Just contact Entrance Director regarding dates the "New Covenant Retreat" is offered.

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