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Catholic Evangelization Training Center - Training in the NEW Evangelization


Excerpts From Our Community Handbook.

Charism and Mission.

  1. The Association has come into existence at this urgent time in history in response to the Holy Father's call to the universal Church for a new evangelization -- NEW in its method, expression, and fervor -- a new impetus in the Church, that would be so dynamic that it would lead many to bring Jesus Christ to all men and women throughout the world.
  2. The charism and mission of the Association is that of direct evangelization: to bring the full Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, directly to all men and women at all levels of society -- the rich, the poor, the culturally deprived, the oppressed, the sick and the healthy, the young and the old throughout the world.

How the Mission is Carried Out.

  1. The primary means the Association uses to accomplish its mission:

    1. Bringing ACTS II: Conversion, Proclamation, Community into those parishes where the pastor wishes to have the Association and the ACTS II Process in his parish. In this way, all parishioners who are willing can become members of the Association, receive training in the ACTS II Process and be equipped to carry out the mission of direct evangelization.
    2. Using the parish evangelization process, ACTS II: Conversion, Proclamation, Community, the Association strives to build the future Church, the parish, in the present moment and to send volunteer missionaries to missionary territories where multitudes have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ proclaimed to them.
    3. To go forth and offer prayers of healing for God's people Luke 4:18-19.
    4. Bringing people into an experiential awareness of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:4-6).
    5. Bringing about community among God's people (Acts 2:42-47). (Eph. 4).

Other Evangelistic Ministries.

  1. Each generation of Christians must find the many ways and means by which to accomplish bringing Jesus Christ to others.
  2. While our main emphasis as an Association is to carry out the mission of direct evangelization through the ACTS II Process, we carry this out through other means as well. Such ministries help open people to the love of our Lord Jesus Christ for them and to experience his healing love. And so it is that all of these ministries fall under the umbrella of evangelization. Some of these ministries are:

    1. Parish Mission On Healing Life's Hurts..
    2. Life in the Spirit Retreat..
    3. Christian Maturity Retreat..
    4. Learning to Listen Retreat..
    5. The Gifts of the Spirit and Community Retreat..
    6. Healing Ministry Training..

  3. Other ministries are carried out as the occasion dictates so that Jesus can be brought to those we encounter in our workaday world.

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