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Catholic Evangelization Training Center - Training in the NEW Evangelization



CETC logo The Catholic Evangelization Training Center, located in the Archdiocese of Denver, was founded in 1983 by the Sisters of the New Covenant.

The Catholic Evangelization Training Center is a center that strives to be a resource for parishes throughout the U.S., Canada and abroad. Our purpose is to provide the skills and tools that will empower Catholic Christians to share their faith in Jesus Christ with others. Faith comes from hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ and it can be heard only if we are willing to share it. Our goal is to help one another build such a vibrant, living faith in Jesus Christ that we cannot but share him with others. Sharing our faith in God leads to an increased vibrant, living faith within ourselves that literally affects every area of our lives: family, others, the world we live and work in, and much, much more.

"How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness, who says in Zion 'your God reigns'" (Isaiah 52:7).

We, at the Catholic Evangelization Training Center believe the solutions to life's problems can be found in timeless, biblical principles that call on each one of us to be deeply rooted in a living, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ that leads to a sharing of the faith with family, others, and the world we live and work in.

Only Jesus Christ, only Savior and Lord of our world, can give us these survival principles for living life to the full.

Evangelization, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ, is a new challenge for our Catholic people today. The CETC is a valiant attempt to help you meet this challenge. Its purpose is to provide training in evangelization:

  • to facilitate personal conversion;

  • to equip men and women in their parish to become enthusiastic evangelizers,

    • by providing them with a practical "know-how" approach to evangelization,

    • with an emphasis on one-to-one relationships,

  • looking toward facilitating the formation of an evangelizing community within the parish.

Read how the CETC can change and enrich your life in the testimony of Susan McCollam.

The Approach Taken By The CETC.

It is out of the deep conviction that each of us can only give what we ourselves have, that the CETC has taken a particular approach in this evangelization training.

What our people need is a deep personal relationship with Jesus and the desire and ability to share him with others. For our people to be evangelizers, they need to deepen their relationship with the Lord and their life in the Spirit.

From the Bible, we see the Master's plan and strategy. First, he selected a few, developed friendship with them, evangelized them, trained them, sent them out, and then supervized them. Lastly, he entrusted to them the mission that he himself had undertaken, and then empowered them to carry it out effectively through the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5, 1:8).

ACTS II: Conversion, Proclamation, Community is an attempt to do the same.

How Will You Participate In the Mission Of Evangelization?

By discovering:

  • the richness of the Good News of Jesus Christ and personal conversion.

By learning:

  • to express your own personal witness of the Lord Jesus simply and directly to family, friends and strangers;

  • to equip and prepare lay leaders to serve, in a spirit of humility, the people of God;

  • to minister to the unchurched and the alienated/inactive Catholic and all who are in need of evangelization (E.N. 51-57);

  • to facilitate the formation of an evangelizing community within the parish.

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