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Parish Mission on "Healing Life's Hurts".

What follows is a succinct explanation of the mission and why this mission brings so much fruit to the parishioners and to the parish as a community.

WHY - We are all in need of healing, whether it be in our mind or our body or the most important part - in our spiritual being.

Healing Lifes Hurts is a faith and community building two evening parish mission. The people who come experience the love of God in action for them. No one leaves the mission without experiencing healing in some area of their life, physical, spiritual or emotional. The greatest healing which we see is spiritual healing, especially the healing of unforgiveness.

GIVEN BY Sr. Brigid Meierotto and Sr. Jan Nattermann, S.N.C. who are Sisters of the New Covenant, a Franciscan Missionary Community from the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado. Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan have given numerous Renewal Weekends, Healing Seminars, and Leadership Training in Evangelization in the U.S. and other countries since 1979 with the blessing of bishops and priests.

WHAT - People can expect to experience the Lord's healing love and mercy during the mission:

  1. Dozens of physical healings can occur each night of the mission;
  2. Healing of memories of past hurts;
  3. Spiritual healing: increase of faith, hope, love and trust in God,
  4. Healing of marriages and broken relationships;
  5. Emotional healings;
  6. Helps for praying and for reading the Bible.

WHERE - We have been to over 70 parishes. References are available and additional information.

Our Proposal.

We would like to come to your parish to give a very beautiful and powerful two night mission series at no direct cost to the parish. "Healing Life's Hurts" will help your parish immensely. Although we call it a parish mission, it is not to be confused with a mission that is usually only given during Advent or Lent. Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid give these during other months of the year as well. They are Sisters of the New Covenant, a Franciscan Community from the Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado. Our Community has given countless Renewal Weekends, Healing Missions, and Leadership Trainings in Evangelization throughout the world since 1979 with the blessing of numerous priests and bishops.

If you want something really effective to help strengthen your community - to help heal some of the hurts and broken lives of individuals and their families within the parish community -- or if you would like some effective way to help bring people back to the church and to the sacraments and back to a deeper appreciation of their faith -- or if you would like to more fully involve the laity -- then this is something you should very seriously consider for your parish. If you want to help wake up some of the laity who are sleeping in their faith, this mission has been given a five star rating.

Here's How It Works.

  1. Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid introduce the mission at the Saturday evening and Sunday Masses the weekend prior to the mission. As a result, the people come out for the mission in very large numbers. The priests and staff are usually elated to see that it is not just those people you normally would expect to come. In addition, there is a wide variety of people: little children, the teenagers, and the often hard to reach 20 -30 age group, as well as the seniors.
  2. Each of the two evenings lasts a little over two hours. Very often it takes place on a Monday/Tuesday evening, Wednesday/Thursday evening, or Thursday/Friday evening.

  • By the second night word gets around to many friends and relatives of the parishioners and they get curious and want to come. Very often, these are people you rarely see around the church except at Christmas, Easter or to zip in to get their "ashes" on Ash Wednesday. It is for this reason that so many pastors have passed the word on to their fellow priests saying this is "Tops" on their list for evangelization of a parish community as well as sparking the faith of the average church-goer. As one priest put it, "I have never seen anything in all my years as a priest that has touched so many people in such a short time." The success rate is extra-ordinary!

There Is No Direct Cost To The Parish.

Aside from the printing of some inexpensive announcement flyers, there is: No Cost to the parish -- No Stipend, No Housing, and No Traveling Expenses!! We take up a free-will offering and whatever the people give is acceptable to us.

Ten Good Reasons.

  1. It's easy to set up - very little for the Pastor or Staff to do other than say "yes."
  2. No direct cost to the parish - aside from printing some inexpensive announcement flyers. There are no transportation costs, no housing, no food, no stipend. We take up a free will offering and whatever is given by the people is acceptable to us.
  3. Knits the parish community closer together - regardless of size of the parish the sense of community is the hallmark of this event.
  4. Many, many people are helped - marriages are healed, widows and widowers are comforted, those with emotional, physical or spiritual problems are helped tremendously.
  5. It's different and quite enjoyable - the music, talks, and praying is loved by both the young and old.
  6. A very powerful tool for evangelization - many follow-up options are available to help you in this area, if you wish.
  7. Large turnouts without major publicity - by simply speaking at the weekend Masses the week prior to the mission and a few flyers and bulletin announcements, an amazing thing happens: large numbers attend.
  8. Parishioner response overwhelmingly positive - most Pastors have said they have never had so many people thank them so many times for anything as for this Mission. Most priests and parishioners alike say it's the most successful event in their parish history.
  9. Great help to the laity - in realizing their role within the Church.
  10. It works - not one flop. As one parishioner put it: "This is the best use of my time in years."

Four Things This Mission Is Not.

  1. It is not a mission that can only be given during Lent or Advent.
  2. It is not a "wild and woolly" type of a gathering.
  3. It is not to promote any type of renewal movement such as the Cursillo, Marriage Encounter or the Charismatic Renewal.
  4. It is not just attended by people who ordinarily attend a mission.

If you want something that will really benefit your community -- this is it!

What Priests Are Saying.

"You both did an excellent job. It is evident that the Lord has called you to this work and that you enjoy doing it. We heard all about the little healings here and there. Even though spiritual healings could be less sensational, those are exactly the ones I notice more. One very broken family now is pulling together and showing more signs of hope and joy. The church body took some giant strides to reach out to each other. We are grateful." - October 1996, Reverand Mike Walker, Pastor, Our Lady of Peace, Kansas City, MO (816) 231-0953

"We had the Healing Life's Hurts; Parish Mission in March 1998 at St. James Parish. I was amazed at how many people came to this Mission, compared to some previous parish Missions. There is something appealing about this topic. It meets some deep spiritual needs. We had such a variety of people participate -- young, old, married, single, families. It gave family members an opportunity to pray with one another which they have never had before. I'm sure that it will have some ongoing effect in the homes of our parish. I'm very thankful that we took advantage of this opportunity. Some real spiritual growth has been witnessed." - March 1998, Reverand Ron Will, C.PP.S., Pastor, St. James, Liberty, MO (816) 781-4343

On March 15-16, 2000, Sr. Jan Natterman and Sr. Brigid Meierotto conducted a Mission on "Healing Life's Hurts" at Holy Name Parish. They and the Mission were very well received. Many, many parishioners attended both nights. It was a powerful religious experience.
I especially likes St. Jan's talks. Her talks were excellent. I heard many people comment on them positively.
I think the Mission was a blessing to the parish. Not all the people related to the second part of each evening (the praying over people). There were fewer people the second night. But that's OK. The fact is that it touched the lives of many people and helped them grow spiritually.
May God continue to bless you in your work. - March 2000, Father Harold F. Schneider, Pastor, Holy Name Catholic Church, Topeka, KS, (785) 232-7744

I heard only positive comments from parishioners after your healing mission. It was a departure, for some, of typical "Catholic" spirituality, but a feeling of good will prevailed over all. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. - March 2000, Father Randall Weber, Pastor, St. Andrew Catholic Church, Abilene, KS.

We would like to thank you for conducting the mission "Healing Life's Hurts" here at Most Pure Heart of Mary Church on October 4th and 5th.
The Mission drew a good crowd of people 400 - 500 each night. The people experienced the power of prayer and learned to pray for others and their healing, and to pray for themselves and their personal healings of life's hurts. - October 2000, Father Francis Krische, Most Pure Heart of Mary Church, Topeka, KS, (785) 272-5590

Dear Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid, people are still talking about the mission. We incorporated some of the prayers for healing into our scrutiny rites.
Thanks for the evaluation papers. Pat Lechtenberg went through all of them and put together a summary. We will follow up. I am going to talk to some people about doing a monthly healing prayer service in order to carry on the ministry of healing that has begun.
I am very grateful for your presentations here at St. John's and for leading us forward in our prayer life as a parish. As I told Monte Mace this morning, this mission literally dropped into our laps. I believe it was the Holy Spirit's work that made it possible to have this healing mission right on the heals of our Lenten theme of "broken pots." Mr. Mace asked me, "Who contacted whom on this mission?" I am sure it was one of you that initially contacted me, but I am also sure that the idea was lost in the stack of other things that were demanding attention. Somehow it came to the fore at exactly the right time. Who can deny the workings of the Holy Spirit?
My mother was unable to attend the mission in Hays. Unfortunately, she does not want to go out at all at night. She's ninety, and I suppose that is to be expected.
I know that there are lots of good things still to come as a result and a benefit of this mission. We are all expecting more miracles now that we have better instruments of God's healing love and power to each other. I hope the people of the parishes you visited after us found their missions to be just as fruitful and hopeful.
Again, thanks. I have not looked at the video recordings. I will send you the tapes, although I know that the sound did not come through as good as I would have wanted it to.
May God continue to bless your Ministry, and may God bless both of you in your wonderful work for the Church and her parishes. - March 2001, Charles J. Polifka, OFM Cap., Pastor, St. John the Evangelist, Lawrence, KS, (785) 749-5064

In behalf of the Catholic Community of Immaculate Heart of Mary, as well as the community at large, I wish to thank you for being here on March 12 and 13 in conducting the "Healing Life's Hurts" mini-mission. There were people who came from other parishes and personally thanked me for having hosted the mission. In return, I thanked them for coming for they indeed appeared to be greatly enriched by the experience!
Over the weekend, I received a call from a lady who heard the talk given by you during the weekend liturgies. She was from Norcatur, KS. and here for the IA basketball tournament. She had questions about the mission and where you would make your next mission and how to contact you. She was sent the "prayer for the wholly innocent" card. Perhaps your spirits shall meet soon?!
I am relatively certain that a number of people had not prayed like that for a long time, perhaps ever! But you in your kind and gentle manner led people through an experience that was non-threatening and life-giving. We are blessed! Thank you.
May you continue to go with God and the Holy Spirit in this special ministry. - March 2001, Reverand Donald D. Zimmerman, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hays, KS, (785) 625-7339

Thank You for the parish mission, Healing Life's Hurts, which you recently gave at Good Shepherd Parish.
I found the mission to be based on sound Scriptural interpretation and Spiritual theology. The Gospels reveal that Jesus healed many people of their physical, emotional and spiritual weaknesses. The Lord desires that we pray for one another in his Name to continue his healing mission. This is what you brought to us at Good Shepherd.
May God bless you in your ministry to his people. And may your mission of healing continue to bring praise and glory to the Father in his Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. - March 2002, Father Greg Mikesch, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Ferguson, MO.

On March 18 and 19, Sister Brigid Meierotto and Sister Jan Nattermann, members of the Sisters of the New Covenant from the Archdiocese of Denver, conducted a "Healing Life's Hurts" mission for our parish. We could not have been more pleased with the mission. Many parishioners have commented on how much they gained from the mission and I am certain that our parish is better prepared for Easter as a result. I cannot recommend them too highly. - March 2002, Reverend C. Robert Manning, Pastor, St. Lawrence the Martyr Church, Bridgeton, MO, (314) 739-0496

Thank you for the mission, "Healing Life's Hurts" at St. Patrick in Wentzville this past month.
I think that one of the greatest benefits of the mission was the opportunity to pray in a new way. Presented in a very Scriptural manner, the mission reminded us that the healing power of Jesus continues in the church today, is in our midst, and can transform our lives. I, for one, needed to hear that truth once again.
Thank you, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan, for your very prayerful and Scriptural "Healing Life's Hurts" Mission. - November 2002, Reverand Patrick J. O'Laughlin, Pastor, St. Patrick Parish, Wentzville, MO, (636) 332-9225

Thank you for a beautiful two days. The Healing Life's Hurts Mission was a great out-pouring of God's love on our parish. About one hundred parishioners took part in the Healing Services and many told me how blessed they were.
It certainly gives Christians the concrete tools to pray for the healing that God intends for us. Personally I learned a method of prayer for healing that I have used many times with people since praying with you. God is so good and God has blessed our Parish through you. - November 2002, Reverand William Kester, Pastor, Saint Matthias the Apostle Church, St. Louis, MO.

Thank you and Sr. Jan for sharing the Mission "Healing Life's Hurts" with our parish community. It was a wonderful experience for all who attended. It was particularly impressive when people were asked to gather around those in need of healing and pray for them as a group. You could sense the power of God's grace and His healing touch eminate throughout our church.
I know the many responses you shared with us from the participants will allow our parish to grow even stronger as we continue to pray for healing in our lives.
Thank you again for becoming a part of our ministry and extending your gifts of prayer and faith to the priests and people of St. Charles Borromeo parish. - March 2003, Reverand Richard J. Tillman, St. Charles Borromeo Church, St. Charles, MO, (636) 946-1893

St Michael's Parish was deeply effected by your Healing Life's Hurts Mission. Many people were called forth wanting healing in so many diverse ways and everyone I talked to expressed an inner peace, healing in many forms and a deepening of their prayer life.
Not only did the Mission effect those who attended but also I heard from others who wanted to know about the two days. They heard from others and how God touched them and expressed regret that they were not able to attend.
I was not sure how many people would attend and I was pleasantly surprised that the numbers were very good. I should never doubt the need for healing and the power of the Holy Spirit to touch the lives of our people.
Sisters Jan and Brigid again thank you for deepening our prayer life and for reminding us of the healing power of prayer. - March 2003, Reverand Edmond Fitzgibbon, Pastor of St. Michael Church, Shrewsbury, MO.

Thank you for your very inspiring mission that you gave to the people of Bonnots Mill and Loose Creek parishes on March 18 and 19. It was good for you to come to our parish and speak about prayer and then lead us in prayer. We, as Catholics hear a lot about prayer, but then for you to come and show us how to do it and then lead us in prayer was very helpful. It is good that people were invited to pray with one another as intercessors for healing. May God bless you in all your ministry! - March 2004, Reverand Joseph S. Corel, Pastor of Immaculate Conception, Loose Creek and St. Louis of France, Bonnots Mill, MO, (573) 897-2922

The sisters did a fine job, conducting a two-night prayerful service, teaching a lot about prayer while at the same time ministering to the people who gathered. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who would be interested in learning about prayer for healing or prayer in general. - March 2004, Reverand Fred Elskamp Rector, Cathedral of St. Joseph, Cathedral of St. Joseph, Jefferson City, MO, (573) 635-7991

Thank you for your recent Mission of healing and spiritual well being which you brought to Annunciation parish. It was a welcome "rest stop" for our spiritual journey of faith. I'm glad you felt at home among our people and were able to feel their warmth and hospitality. I too find them to be very genuine and open to a deepening of their spiritual lives. Many people who came to the Mission experienced healing, bodily and spiritually. It appealed to people of all ages. One young 19 year old expressed that her faith had been pretty weak lately, but now it was restored and felt a heavy burden lifted from her. Several said they could better forgive another person and understood better what it means to forgive. The mission not only gave people an opportunity to tell of their need for healing, it also gave them time to pray for another, to join with others in praying for the healing grace and mercy of Jesus. I think there was also a renewed interest on the part of some to read the Scriptures on a more regular basis.
Thank you, Sisters, for your ministry. I hope many other parishes have an opportunity to welcome you and receive the fruits of your work, which is Christ Jesus working through you. - October 2004, Father John Wolf, C.PP.S., Pastor, Church of the Annunciation, Kearney, MO, (816) 628-5030

Thanks for being here at St. Paul Church. I am grateful for your spiritual presence and teachings and I feel my Parish Community was truly blessed and experienced many healings. I am hoping, myself, that my back will be better. May the Lord lead you to many other special missions yet to be blessed. - October 2004, Father Peter J., Pastor, St. Paul Church

I want to thank you for presenting the healing mission at Our Lady of Lourdes on Oct. 13 and 14. This was a new experience for most of my parishioners and I was pleased with the turnout (approx. 100 each night) and the participation. Your explanation of the types of healing and the talks helped to put everyone at ease. You helped them to realize that they have the faith to ask for healing and to be persistent. It was great to observe their openness to a 'new' way of prayer and their concern for others in need on those nights. Their evaluations indicate that it was a valuable and worthwhile experience. Many expressed an easing of their aches and pains. More spoke about receiving a sense of peace and serenity.
Thank you again and God's blessings on your ministry. October 2004, Father Joe Powers, Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Raytown, MO, (816) 353-2380

We were grateful to have had Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid in our parish leading the Healing Life's Hurts Retreat. Many parishioners have spoken favorably of the experience.
I found the experience of prayer to be an excellent reminder that we are all called to be healed by God's grace, and we are all called to be ministers of healing in the name of Jesus. The retreat experience empowered us to pray for one another, and gave us a concrete method of prayer using the Jesus prayer and prayer in small groups. - March 2005, Father Mark Mertes, Pastor, Church of the Holy Cross, Overland Park, KS, (913) 381-2755

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Sister Brigid Meierotto and Sister Jan Nattermann, Sisters of the New Covenant, led a large number of our parish community in a mission: Healing Life's Hurts. I was very pleased with the mission and do not hesitate to recommend it strongly to other pastors.
The sisters contacted me well ahead of the proposed date, dearly explained the mission, and sent me excellent materials to promote the mission. Sister Jan came to all the masses the Saturday and Sunday before the mission to encourage people to come. The days of the mission itself, they were here well ahead of time to set things up.
The presentations were excellent! Not only was there solid content to the talks on Faith, prayer, and forgiveness, there was strong encouragement to deepen our love relationship with Jesus, to closer ties to the Church, and more active participation in the Eucharist and the sacraments. They offered the rationale and motivation for a more active Christian life. As pastor, I could not have been happier with their message to our community.
We had a very good turn out for the mission, and all the feedback I received was positive and appreciative. This was an excellent spiritual experience for our parish. I highly recommend it to you. - November 2005, Reverand C. Thomas Jost, S.J., Pastor, St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Denver, CO (303) 322-8842

Dear Sisters Brigid and Jan,
Peace - all good!
I again want to thank you for this mission. This experiencewas unique for most of us and it was greatly apreciated. I just finished reading over all of the response sheets. It was encouraging for me - and I will respond to those who circled #8. May God richely bless your ministry - and your community. In Christ Jesus, Father Bryan O'Rourke - October 2006, Pastor Church of St. Mark, St. Paul, MN (651) 645-5717

To Anyone Who is Thinking of Inviting the Sisters of the New Covenant into Their Parish for a Healing Mission:
DO IT!!!!
You will be happy you did! Your people will be blessed in new ways!! You will find a new way to talk to and pray with those who are suffering. The Lord will work through these sisters in both manifest and hidden ways.
The sisters are gentle and beautiful women of God. There is no fanfare or "noise". God is praised and people are healed.
Let me quote some of the comments of our people after a two night "mini-mission".
"The mission has brought me closer to God."
"I was able to forgive someone."
"I feel better!"
"I came in with a headache and now it is gone without using any medicine!"
"I was able to forgive myself."
"Better feeling of community."
"Made me grateful."
"Strengthened my faith."
And they go on............................
I would not hesitate to encourage you to invite the sisters into your parish and watch the Lord work! I did not know what to expect when I accepted the sisters offer to come to Guardian Angels Parish. But I can tell you that the Lord worked through them here! Mary God find new ways to bless you! - December 2006, Father Lawrence R. Johnson, Pastor, The Church of the Guardian Angels, Chaska, MN. (952) 227-4000

Dear Sister Brigid:
In October 2007 St Dominic Catholic Parish in Denver, Colorado participated in a parish mission entitled: "Healing Life's Hurts" presented by the Sisters of the New Covenant Community. The two night mission focused on the need for healing in its various forms: physical, emotional, or spiritual whether or long standing. The brief, but poignant presentations helped prepare those attending to enter into a time of prayer for healing.

For me, the times of prayer were especially impressive. The people were made to feel that it is O.K. to ask for healing for themselves and for others. Having people find a prayer partner, gave the opportunity to enter into intercessory prayer for another, rather than just asking for one's own self and well being. There was also time for people to gather around individuals, and if they felt comfortable, to lay their hands on them while praying. The atmosphere was gentle, not forced, without emphasizing any form or format or style of prayer over another.

The people of St Dominic's who came to the mission have come away with a deepened appreciation that God wants the best for His People; and to come to the Lord in fervent and constant prayer asking for in this case, asking for healing an abundance of Grace and Blessings. God wants people to come to Him, opening up their lives and hearts.

We at St Dominic Catholic Church in Denver, thank your Community for coming to share this ministry of prayer and accompaniment on our common journey of faith.
We remain yours in Christ - October 2007, Rev. Thomas Lynch, O.P., Parrochia Vicar: St. Dominic's - Denver, CO, (303) 455-3613

Dear Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid,
I wish to thank you so much for coming to lead the "Healing Life's Hurts" Mission at our church in October. I heard many wornderful comments from our parishioners who attended. I think you offered a very gentle, inviting way for people to enter into prayer for one another's healing, without making them feel uncomfortable, even though it may have been an unfamiliar form of prayer for many of them.

One suggestion I might have would be that in addition to the prayers for bodily healing, there might be more time spent praying for the healing of spiritual and emotional hurts as well. However, overall we were very pleased with the mission and the positive impact it has had on our parish community.

May God's good graces continue to guide your ministry and fill your lives with much joy.

God bless - Novermber 2009, Fr. Timothy Norris, Church of St. Mark - Shakopee, MN

To Whom it May Concern:

I knew almost nothing about Sisters Bridget and Jan when I accepted their invitation to conduct a retreat for my parish. As their arrival come closer, I became more apprehensive. Would they mislead the people? Will they be "off-the-wall"? What am I getting them and me into? I resolved all this by a leap of faith, a wonderful leap as it turned out.

Both Sisters are delightful, down to earth people. They are vivacious, warm, gentle, and filled with the love of our Lord. They love His Church. Their messages of Christ's willingness to heal, and the power of prayer were delivered with conviction, effectively and with humor. They were well received, especially by those who testified they received healing.

These ladies brought our Lord. I and we are grateful.

Sincerely - October 2012, Fr. Gerald J. Harr, Christ the King Church - Gering, NE

What Parishioners Are Saying.

"This evening has renewed my faith and given hope back to my heart." - Marilyn, age 46

"I held a grudge against someone for 10 years and I was able to forgive her. The pain in my back, which I had for 10 years, was healed." - age 53

"I learned how to pray. I was able to bring a friend back to church for this mission." - Rosemary, age 50

"During the healing service, the Lord started healing my spine especially my neck. The pain diminished and my neck became more flexible and I can turn my head around more freely."

"This mission opened my heart to Jesus and to prayer. The night of the first session, I dreamed I went to Confession. I have not taken part in this Sacrament in 25 years. If I gained anything it was a prompt to go to Confession and further my healing." - Jane, age 33

"I really feel inner peace and I don't feel the pain in my back that has felt like a knife for six years after three major surgeries." - Don, age 35

"The Lord Jesus healed me of migraines which had been very painful for me since my youth. It became worse and worse. It was so painful recently that I couldn't bear it. I was healed of this ailment."

"It has helped me forgive someone I have held a horrible grudge against for so long which affected my life and my actions." - Rachel, age 17

"Yesterday I experienced inner healing -- the Lord took away pain, fear, aggression and guilt connected with a bad relationship between my mother and me. The Lord filled me with peace and joy."

"Now I feel closer to Jesus and I can talk to him like my brother or friend. I am going to try to help my family and clean whenever someone asks me to." - age 14

"My eyesight improved." - John, age 70

"I forgave someone I said I never would." - Lee, age 66

"My faith is weak but the mission has strengthened my faith by showing me how many others have faith, and how many would come here to be healed. I do not belong to any church. I have not considered religion in my life until now." - Michael, age 45

"I want to share my experience at the healing service. I prayed for three things: help with anger, help with depression and healing from breast cancer. My feelings were if I couldn't get past being mad and sad about my breast cancer, then a healing from breast cancer meant nothing. My anger and sadness keep me distant from my family and God. I went into that prayer service pretty beat up and worn out as I am nearing the end of my chemo treatments and my blood counts (red and white) were non-existent. I had been told to avoid large populations. I cried during the service. Afterwards I was just drained but within a day, my emotions seemed to have resolved themselves. I haven't been angry or sad since. Those feelings are just gone. I went to my oncologist on the following Thursday and they wanted to know what I had done to change my blood counts so dramatically. White and Red blood counts returned to normal level (unlikely at this point in chemo). I have my last chemo session this Thursday and am looking forward to putting my life back in order. Thank you!!"

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